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Wild & Crazy Challenge -This is a NUTTY Game Show for schools, family events, PTA, community programs, etc.  The audience is divided into 4 teams and assigned a captain.  Contestants are chosen to answer questions and then participate in a Physical Challenge.  Get ready to get messy because you never know what is going to happen next. For schools we can develop the shows around themes such as ELA  or Math Pep Rallies, PBIS, or Cultural Events.  This show has been seen by thousands upon thousands.  (Perfect for PK-8 grade)

Student Fun Day / Family Fun Day - This program is designed for school celebrations.  Organized activity zones that may include Wild & Wacky Relays and Races. Large Group Game and Dance Party, Inflatables and Carnival Style Games, Karaoke and Ice Cream Sundae Party.  Perfect for the end of year in-school program. We provide the equipment and staff to facilitate the program.  All we need from you is access to electric, water, and the participants.  This will be the highlight of your student's school year. (Perfect for Grades K-6)
Life Science C.S.I. - Students will use basic investigative skills to solve the crime.  Students participate in dry dissection of a Barn Owl Casting (pellet).  This workshop will discuss predator / prey relationship, Barn Owl habitat, and their digestive system. Perfect for Grades 3,4,5)
Mobile Beach Party- Awesome Giant Water Slide with an inflatable sports arena, Dual Lane Inflatable Slip & Slide, plus a DJ Dance Party with Limbo Contest, Conga Lines, and Wild & Wacky Relays.  Perfect for children and adults.  
Mt. Everest Expeditions - This program is an approach to teaching that combines challenge and adventure without leaving the school facility.  This model focuses on the creation and innovation of challenges where trust, respect, fun and constructive risk - taking are the norms.  With a foundation in the Adventure concept of Challenge by Choice we can help transform your classrooms and school into fun learning environments. (Perfect for Grades 3-8)
Adventure Bound   |   P.O. Box 402, Kent, CT 06757   |   (203) 470-8106   |   Deborah@adventurebound.org
Dancing for Fitness and FUN! - This is our creative way of bringing a physical education program that students will love.  We will address smart choices for food and exercise and then Dance, Dance, Dance.  Students will show off their best moves and we will also introduce Jump Roping, Hula Hooping, and Ball (Basketball / Soccer) Handling skills to complement the program experience.

Carnival - Our carnival program includes an inflatable bounce house and obstacle course plus games such as Ring Toss, Roller ball, Tic Tac Toe, Baggo, Pop a Shot, and Kan Jam.  Plus we include a DJ and prizes.  

School Assembly Programs, Workshops, & Shows in NY, CT, PA, MA