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Adventure Bound   |   P.O. Box 402, Kent, CT 06757   |   (203) 470-8106   |   info@adventurebound.org

 Fundraisers and Partnerships:
We invite any and all groups to pair up with us to add zing to your event.  We can bring the entertainment, activities, music, entertainers, BBQ, and WOW to any and all events.  Let us help you make your PTO, PTA, Community, Church fundraiser a BLAST!!!
As an active supporter of community events and education we work closely with various organizations to share the responsibility of coordinating events to support local charities.  If you have an idea or an event to you would like our support in the organization or facilitation of we are ready to rock.  
  Adventure Bound School Assemblies and Events are designed to suit the individual school's needs and resources.  Call for prices on each program.

  We have several ways to save you money or have us in for a free event.  All of our loyal customers retain the same rates from year to year. As prices go up your rates remain the same.  

  In addition, we offer multiple program packages for same day events and packages for events scheduled throughout the school year.  Packages will earn 1 free event out of 4 booked.

  Finally, our loyal groups and new groups can earn $100.00 gift certificate per referral booked.  

How can we make your day FUN?